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My Whitelist Caberet

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Juwan to sing in Whitelist Caberet to promote racial awareness and equality within the equity community.


Juwan to Sing Stay Weird on August 2

Juwan Joins Cast of Aladdin On Broadway

Juwans Broadway Debut!! 

Juwan is the new Genie and Babkak Standby for Broadway's Aladdin!

Juwan Returns to Spamilton

Juwan returns to Spamilton!! 

From Walmart to Broadway

The wonderful Frank Rizzo interviewed Juwan Crawley on his "insane" career launch! 

Clive Barnes Nomination

Juwan is one of four people nominated for the Clive Barnes award. He was nominated for his role in Spamilton! 

Awakenings (Mind) released!

Juwan Crawley, aka Juju Ade how released his first self produced album Awakenings (Mind) 

Juwan to Play Mikey D in Found at The Philedelphia Theater Company

Juwan to orginated role in a New Musical Comedy, Found. Playing the character Mikey D! 

Juju Ade Single Blood Red

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